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What you need to know about infant bottle feeding

Posted on 08-11-2014


Many parents believe that breast-feeding an infant is vital in bonding with a child and that bottle-feeding is impersonal. Studies have shown, however, that a child who is bottle-feeding bonds just as much as a child who is breast-feeding. The key to bottle feeding is to do it correctly.

The most important thing is that the parent is assisting the child in achieving proper nourishment. To enhance this bonding time though, a parent who is bottle-feeding her infant can ensure that the child is feeding properly by engaging with the child, assisting him or her in clearing airways, and by providing a quiet place to enjoy a meal.

Here are a few tips for bottle-feeding that we teach to any parent with a child at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Hixson, Tennessee. Infants need to burp a lot when feeding, which means it is important help them out every two ounces or so. Remember to:

  • Allow your child to stop crying before feeding them for a better reception.
  • Allow your child to eat in peace and enjoy your full attention, turning off the TV and your cell phone.
  • Let your child eat as much as he or she wants, but do not overfeed. Overfeeding can lead to weight issues as early as infancy, so manage their intake to be sure they are satiated but not overfed.

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