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Preschool reading games for your child in Hixson

Posted on 12-01-2014


A child will encounter many subjects and an abundance of information during the next twelve years of school, and possibly beyond for college. Considering this mountain of upcoming learning and multitude of subjects, reading is potentially the most important of them all. While some preschoolers will enjoy learning to read and continue to find reading to be their favorite subject, others classmates might not share this enthusiasm. For those parents who have one of those less than enthusiastic readers, here a few ideas of how to get your preschooler to enjoy reading using a few games to increase interest:

Act it out

One way to get your child excited about reading is to channel your inner drama skills and act out everything that occurs on a page of the book you are sharing with your child. This activity is designed for your preschooler to have fun, while also learning to read. Remember, you as the parent can influence your child by the level of enthusiasm you exhibit concerning many topics, including reading. Chances are if you enjoy reading, or at least act as if you do, your child will follow your directive and become happier readers.

Read with your child

Most adults remember childhood daily rituals with their parents including nighttime reading. Now as a parent yourself, creating memories with your own children by spending time is important, especially when they are learning to read. This bonding time enhances both their reading and verbalization skills when you and your child alternate reading out loud. Once you have established a bedtime reading routine, challenge your child to read out loud two pages for every one that you read. Slowly increase this process until your child is able to read an entire book without your assistance, which will give self-confidence to master any reading level both now and in the future.

Create a rewards chart

Formulating a chart that records a child’s goals and developmental milestones can be displayed for easy access and as a daily prompt to write down these events. Note on the graph every book your child brings home from daycare and reads to you. Just the act of reading should merit a mark on the chart and recognition. A reward for the first five books your child accomplishes might be a trip for ice-cream, while the incentive for ten books could be a visit to a child-friendly museum or other activity . Get creative with the rewards, and your child will love the simplicity of enjoying something that the two of you can do together which also will have a life-long positive impact on his or her own childhood memories and potentially academic future.

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