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How can summer camps in Hixson, TN keep your child active and continuing to learn after the school year ends?

Posted on 06-11-2014


The summer months equate to keeping your child busy, stimulated, and continuing to learn, which can be a difficult combination to achieve. That is where summer camp enrollment minimizes this stress and is a beneficial summer option for your child.

Emphasizing outdoor activity, play, and structured educational programs, the Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Hixson offers a daily summer camp experience filled with fun and interesting topics. This ten-week program will keep your child entertained, active, and help continue the stimulation of their brain during our camp adventure!

While attending summer camp, children from preschool through 12 years of age will participate in fun, yet educational programs divided into the following components:

  • Nature Rocks: This is an introductory two-week program where children are encouraged to use all of their senses to investigate the natural world around us.
  • Digging in the Dirt: Children usually enjoy getting dirty, and we combine this fun activity with a beneficial lesson. Your child will discover just how important dirt is to the natural world, from growing our food, to keeping livestock fed. Campers will realize how essential dirt is to every aspect of their lives!
  • Bugs and Slugs: Most insects are beneficial to nature and play a key role, from pollinating flowers to cleaning the environment. They also serve as feed for birds and other creatures. Our Bugs and Slugs section teaches children about other fascinating insects including butterflies, grasshoppers, and crickets!
  • Wild About Wildlife: This program will introduce children to the wonders of many species while also imitating their behavior! Campers will learn why rabbits hop, how snakes slither, and much more.
  • Off the Beaten Path: Our program is the perfect combination of traditional camp activities, and introduces them to the wilderness, all within the comfort and safety of our classrooms.

The professional staff is always focused on your child and their enjoyment of camp. Kids 'R' Kids of Hixson is hosting the summer session here at the Academy and includes our exceptionally qualified staff that your child sees during the school year. This is the perfect opportunity for parents to keep their children safely entertained throughout the summer, while also continuing their learning! Our summer camp includes meals and snacks, exciting fields trips, and plenty of other adventures! Learn more about our summer camp programs by contacting us today

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