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Hixson child day care: Brain development and a second language

Posted on 08-27-2014


Introducing your child to a new language will help improve brain development. This will aid with brain structure as the child becomes an adult. By teaching your child a second language you stimulate neural growth and connections. As a result, and as your child get older, he or she may have the ability to learn more complex motor skills. Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Hixson runs a successful brain development program. It is intended to enhance and support neural pathways for language, social-emotional, cognitive and physical development. We have compiled useful information on the benefits of introducing your child to a new language below.

Benefits of learning a new language

The younger your child is, the easier it will be for him or her to learn a second, third and fourth language. As your child gets older it becomes more difficult. This may happen as early as nine months. Studies show that a brain of a child who is multilingual is:

  • Quicker
  • Nimbler
  • Is able to resolve conflicts
  • Deals better with ambiguities

This can be a huge advantage for your child as they go through day care, elementary school and beyond.

Other advantages for your child being multilingual or bilingual include:

  • Connecting to others
  • Great listening skills
  • Being able to learn new words easily

Your child will have greater neural activity in the dense tissue in the areas of the brain that deal with memory and attention.

Our brain development program in Hixson is designed to stimulate certain parts of your child’s brain, in order to maximize mental capacity. For more on our child care services in Hixson contact us, or pay us a visit and we will assist you with all your child care inquiries. 

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