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Hixson Child Care: How infant-directed speech helps your child learn to talk

Posted on 01-08-2015


Child care experts around the world have been looking at the ways in which infant-directed speech (IDS) can help your infant grasp language, and eventually learn how to speak. It goes far beyond just making babbling noises at your child. This piece will take a closer look at how infant-directed speech can help your child learn how to talk.

What is infant-directed speech?

Infant-directed speech is a way in which adults speak to infants, who have not yet learned how to speak yet. It is characterized by a cooing pattern of inflection that differs quite significantly from regular adult speech. It also features hyper articulation of certain words, while vowel sounds are often drawn out. The type of speech also incorporates a shortening of much more complicated words.

How does infant-directed speech help your child learn to talk?

Studies have shown that infant-directed speech is a much more effective way of talking to babies, when trying to get their attention. Infant care specialists across the world have noted the success of this technique, in a number of different languages. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to hold your child’s attention for a much longer period of time, as well as drawing out words, that may otherwise be too complicated to grasp, for such a young brain.

In addition to these benefits, infant-directed speech also facilitates important bonding time between parents and infants. It is this type of loving and nurturing activity that helps to encourage healthy brain development in your child.

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