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Hixon Child care: Speech and Language Development in a Child

Posted on 01-22-2015


Speech and language development are two of the most important aspects of learning during infancy and toddlerhood. The first three years of your child’s life mark the most vital period in terms of obtaining speech and language skills. In this blog we will take a closer look at speech and language development in infants and child care students.

The difference between speech and language:

We first need to take a closer look at the differences between speech and language. Speech refers to your child’s ability to make sounds which eventually become words, the act of talking.

Language refers to our ability to use speech in order to communicate with others. This includes making use of words and gestures to get our point across as well as clearly understanding the things other people are saying to us.

When can I expect my child to grasp speech and language?

This development differs from child to child. This section will serve as a rough overview as to when you can expect certain milestones. Your child should begin to babble by the time he or she reaches the age of six months. Babbling is comprised of your child making silly noises or speaking in gibberish. By the time your child reaches the age of 18 months, you will find that your child’s language and speech development will quickly accelerate. By the age of two-years-old, your toddler should be using 40 to 60 words while also stringing short, two-word sentences and phrases together.

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